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Louise Pau is a visual artist and art educator based in Hong Kong.

She specialises in animation with interests in sound design, writing, photography and social experiments.

She tends to move around the periphery, exploring and capturing places and people that fly under the radar. But more importantly, her works dives into what it means to be a Hong Konger.


You can find primarily hand drawn animation on paper that incorporates found objects  in her personal works, while working with a range of visual styles and animation techniques within her commercial work.

She received her Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) from California Institute of the Arts in Experimental Animation and her bachelors from Academy of Film in Hong Kong Baptist University. She has previously worked as an art director for a creative agency that advance human health and wellbeing through visual communication. She is a lecturer at School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong.


Her latest film is Survival HK (2019) - a loose adaptation of an English listening test that happened in 2008.

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